Stop feeding the cat!
She has an addictive personality,
I think I have mentioned it before.
The curiosity for the new fosters an air of independence.
She can't control the stimulation.
Her system reacts and attracts
Things that no other pussy can handle.
She stands alert, open, waitng, wanting...
Want turns to need and like most disgruntled cats
She can be vicious when she is mad.

Dont patronize the kitten!
Stop telling her she 'can't'.
The more you resist,
The stronger she will insist.
She wants exactly what you forbid her to have.
That independent spirt will always seek to revolt.
Don't provoke her.
Lay it out, make it available and watch her walk away.
The more you hold back, the deeper she digs.
Until of course she can tell if its worth it.

Pay close attention to Kitty
She's got tricks in her crawls.
That sweetness and gentle caress,
Can turn quickly to a hiss and scratch.
Remark the cat who hesitates towards you.
She's watching every move and listens to every sound.
Don't lie to her.
Tell her the truth no matter how harsh
Her respect will earn you her love.
And when Kitty Loves...