I mean what I say...

So if I said
I cared
admired etc...
I did
Just because you can't comprehend true feelings express without rules and justifications doesnt mean they don exisit. I wanted nothing more than the best for all those I let in my life. And contrary to what some believe I dont let everybody in. We were closer that you allowed yourself to believe
you pushed me away. There is not a moment I dont think about you when I think about that part of my life. You took something from me, and that my dear will keep you and me connected forever. Its deeper and more real than you will admit, but if you want some one to blame I will sit in the fault chair. You are not being fair, but its your world, you will get your way.

And the thing about it is... you still wont be happy
But I pray that you find your peace.... and all those in your life find thier balance.

--- to you with all my heart