Why you mad?

Seriously why you mad?
Why do you spend so much of your energy and time
Trying to decipherer me and mine?
Why do thoughts of me and my life
Bother your existence so?
Why you mad?

Is it because I embody everything you aren't?
Because I live the life you will never have?
Does it bother you that I take advantage of my freedom?
That I have so much more to offer this world?
Why you mad?

I wish there were a way for me to help you
See past the jelly and get straight to your issues
Cut through the pain and tissues
And help you be the best you you can be
Cause you could never be like the one you envy
So why you mad?

I know what it is.
I can tell by the words you use to attack
By your reaction to everything you think affects you
You are mad over something you have no control over
Upset that you and all you know
Will never be all that you wish it could be
You know why you mad?
Because you can't be me