You saw the flower before it bloomed
Cradled and nursed the bud
Saw its color bright and clear
Potential for what was there

You watered it and showed it to the sun
And it opened its petals to everyone
Slowly and surely it began to grow
For you and the world to share in its beauty

You coaxed it to open
Told it it would be all you imagined and more
Encouraged it opened it petals
And though it was frightened it let the world in

You reminded it that the world can be cruel
But promised to always be there
Trusting Blossom let the sun in
The bright and the warmth, the fire and burn

Then the water you once lovingly gave
ceased to a dribble
And dark clouds replaced the sun
You were gone

Where is the Gardner?
Why has he left Blossom to die
Where is the water, the attention and care
Gone forever?

Now she waits for brief showers
And lights that shine from afar
She hopes a caretaker will return
Prays that she hasn't been debarred