Does anyone court anymore?

The older I get, and the closer to that sweet spot of child bearing, the more I wonder about how relationships, marriage, and courtship have changed over time. 50 years ago I would be married with 5 kids by now (that was actually my goal when I was very young). However now at 27, soon to 28, that prospect seems more difficult (and more costly, 5 kids to raise and put through college?!). My question is when did it change? When did the focus shift and how come the social consciousness of marriage and when one should be settled haven't changed with it?

I mean to say I hear many men and women talk about how they want to build their career, find themselves, achieve their goals before they settle into marriage. Yet this has not stopped them from engaging in married people acts (shaking up, having kids, buys assets together). This cart before horse (my opinion) way of thinking I feel has changed the importance of the union of marriage. Why buy the cow if the milk, and calves, and barn are free with a nominal fee (Sex is never free... and you dont always pay with money)

Is this change due to an evolved view of sex? Do we have the birth control pill and Viagra to blame? Have we lost some of our social conscious? And if so why do women (mostly women) get so much flack for being 30 and single?

What do you think?