This is why I'm single - Story 1

I'm going to start posting my misadventures in love. if there is enough interest I will make a separate blog... for now... here's a day in my life

So im walking down the street and im standing at the corner waiting for the light to change.

I had noticed a Dunkin Donuts and was thinking to myself, on my walk back this way I will stop and get a coolata ( i like to mix the vanilla with the strawberry).

So i'm standing there and i hear this guy on the phone:

Guy: Hey man let me call you right back, this lady in a red dress just walked by and I cant focus on what you saying

I giggle

Guy: Naw for real man ima hit you right back, Ima talk to her for a min

I turn to see who this dude is

Guy: And she got cute feet too man, naw, ima call you back after i holla at her, aight? aight. peace

Excuse me miss...

So im smiling cause i think its hilarious, he asks me some questions (the light changes twice btw)

Him: Please tell me you arent married

Me: im not

Him: Are you involved

Me: Slight pause... No ... but im not from here

Him: where you from?

Me: Boston

Him: Now thats funny, the person i just got off the phone with is in Boston

Me: (in my head) uh oh (out loud) cool

Him: So how long you here?

Me: Til Sunday

Him: oh so we gonna have to work quick, get engaged and married and intro you to the folks


Him: Just playing but can i get your number

He was pleasant and not hard on the eyes. I thought it was a funny exchange and since Ill be coming to ny for work for the next few months why the hell not. Anyway i doubt he will call me so im not too worried

It felt like he was gonna ask me if we could hang out that day, but i had plans with friends already so i made my excuses and began to walk away.

Him: im the jealous type so if you meeting up with a dude i might have to mess homie up

me: nervous giggle *walks faster*

Looked back to see if he was watching me walk... he was.

I didnt go back that way on my return to the hotel

I wanted that damn coolata tho...

The dress that caused the issue:

I for got to mention: He called my number while I was standing there to prove it was real... 0.o

Didnt even try to play it off like he wanted to give me his or anything, just straight up said " I hope you gave me a real number"


This is why I'm single