*Take ownership*

Things happen in the world. In your personal, your work life, all around. Some of these things we have no control over: The weather, the actions of others, sickness, disease, market fluctuations. Some of them we do: occupation, who we share our life with, how we react to the things that happen in our life. Life isn't fair, things happen , some good and some bad. We can't blame everything bad on others and take credit for everything good. No matter what your belief system is, you didn't get to where you are all alone. Somewhere along the way you interacted with someone, something. But for those things that are all you... take ownership. Be responsible. Someone is watching you. Someone is looking for direction, a hint of what's possible. Be that light. And when you stumble, get up, dust off and keep going. But remember the fall, know where you don't wanna be, and keep headed to where you are going.