end scene

Watching you from across the room
I knew instantly I had made a mistake
The feelings the swelled inside me,
especially in areas I am to shy to admit
were overwehlming
The look in your eyes told me everything I had always tried to deny
It was too late to turn back
Too hard to resist
The curtains had been open.

The show began, we played our parts well
reading the lines we believed we were supposed to
be played pretend, we acted accordingly
And we thought, for a moment that we had fooled the world
We could play by the rules
The table reading lacked the intensity
But anyone could see there was something lurking
An essence that had yet to be released

Then you decided to ad lib
Your lips speaking what came from your heart
And the plot changed
Sepia turned to color
Dimmers turned to bright lights
And the plot became clear
This was a love story in three parts

The affair was short but satisfying
Fulfilling needs and wants
Opened eyes
Opened hearts
Opened minds
It was something needed and longed for
It grew out of necessity and pressure
And no two actors were better suited for the parts
I gave all I had ever learned
And you played off me like a master
You taught me so much through your craft
The audience could see the art we created
It was intense and real
But was it just an affair?