What is the D for?

You signed it
And the only thing I was left to wonder was
What the D stands for
I could ask you but recently
I am weary of the answer to my questions
Hearts that hope are often disappointed
They still hope though.
I digress, what is the D for?
I'm sure that's possibly
What that D stands for
Focused and unyielding
Eyes pinpointed on what you want
Ready for the attack
You know what you want and you go for it
Your prey never stands a chance
at first glace you win
I digress, what is the D for?
To the point
Is that why I should know
What that D stands for?
No word, thought or action wasted
Enough words, spoken and written
To state your point
And though some may question
Posturing for more is worthless
no matter how interested  the heart is
I digress, what is the D for?
Heaven sent
The Joy of a Mother's eye
The cure for the pain
Love's rain?
Spiritually gifted tho
I'm not sold on your belief
I digress, what is the D for?
Today it stands for
Dreams differed
Destinies unknown
And Done