How well do you really know....

Without looking/Checking:

How many full lines are on the palm of your hand? Could you draw them on a piece of paper without looking?

What color are your best friend’s eyes?

What is your fav family member's favorite song? (Or that one that they always hum randomly)

Little things happen around us everyday, constantly, repeatedly, how many of them do you notice, can recall to memory. What’s pressing on your mind right now? Is it something that worrying cant fix? Are you actively trying to fix/change/improve it? If not why are you worrying? Why are you letting things you don’t have control over and have no imitative to change take up space in your head?

How much do you really know? Why do you think you know these things? Because you CHOSE to retain them?

It has always been my belief that we put our mind (and time and money) to the things that we care about the most. So when someone tells me they miss me, or they have been thinking of me, I always search for evidence. If you can’t remember that I don’t like to be called Mel or that I hate monkeys or that I don't believe in zombies, I wonder at the level of care. I'm not vain enough to think anyone would be thinking of me 24/7 but the amount of info retained correlates to the amount of care, notice to me
Am I wrong?