She won

She wins, I cant fight any more
Everything I have longed for and wanted she has
Everything she touches flees from me
Everytime there is a choice she is the victor
The fight is over , she wins

She doesnt even know its a battle
Shes just doing what she always does
Filling each space with her aura
Few resist her charms
Though they complain about her essence
They continue to hang on, she wins

She smiles at this misfortune
Pain in others brings her joy
She knows she has few claims to fame
But enough power to claim this victory as her own
She will cherish this win, but hide her glee
She will act like she did nothing, and know that she wins

She knows that I am hurting
She thinks I deserve this pain
She will convince the world the fault in mine
That I brought this on myself
That I cause my own pain
And she will carry on because, she won