Countdown to 3.0

So... its my birthday. WOO HOO right? Well actually its funny. This is the first year my enthusiasm for my birthday was not freakishly over enthusiastic. It might have to do with my current health issues. It could be my current bout with depression. But I don't think its those things because I have faced birthdays with these issues before and still was excited. The day before my birthday was always like Christmas eve. I was excited! What would this new year bring? What would I learn? Where was I going? Was I where I thought I would be? (the answer to this has always been no)

I would really hate to think that the issue this year is that its my last year as a "20something". As I write that I remember the title of this blog and cringe. This is the last year I can post here. heh. Well if that's the case lets make it a good year aye?

So this is my commitment to you, reader, and me, writer, that I will leave you something here every day. Poems, songs, links, vids, something to document this last year as a 20 something. And maybe along the way we can come up with a title for the next phase of my life I might chose to document on the internet.

I have always treated birthdays the way people treat the new year. I don't make resolutions but I reevaluate goals. And my main goal for 29 is to prepare for 30. Wish me luck

Happy Birthday to me.