it's our money

It honestly bugs me how some people wait til this time of year to pull out their judgmental hats and tell others what they should do with their money. These are usually the same people who complain that others are over paid. Lament about not being adequately financially compensated.

If we should all be frugal and less materialistic... why do you need more money? Why so you need money at all?

I know my answers to these questions. I like money I enjoy the freedom it brings. I would like more of it. And I don't think that makes me a bad person, nor does wanting things . Its only when my enjoyment of money over shadows my basic human kindness that problems would arise. Greed is the sin. Nor the having or spending of money. 

I think telling people how you think they should spend their money is kinda rude. I mean besides tithing.. how I spend my money is between me and GOD